Long Island Artographer & Writer

Angel Bound

Angel Bound

Abandoned on the precipice slowly you step to the view

Looking down at sand and stone is this the end your due

Thinning air as the wind grows its persistence against you

Upward you look past the clouds of white and sky of blue

Memories are insistent while within yourself you debate

Can the wind carry me up or is the fall below my true fate

Fear is your companion while defiance solidifies your state

Time is impatient ever watching as you linger making it wait

Stepping back from the abyss dusted earth carries and clings

Gathering your storm focused on what your decision brings

Perpetual silence until within the coil a softened voice sings

Deepened breath and open eyes as you spread your wings

Stretched and free the clouds break as you feel ready to fly

Running fast as you race to the edge never saying goodbye

Illuminating sun inspires and glimmers to a tear in your eye

Leaping over what looms wings out you reach up for the sky

Truth flees as you start to fall could you have been mistaken

The sun dissipates the feathers pull away your hope is shaken

Crashing into sand and stone as from this dream you awaken

Chains rattle you’re still the winged captive forced to be forsaken

  • 26 December 2012
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