Long Island Artographer & Writer

Inspired to embark

Inspired to Embark

Haunting like the embers of a fire drifting the sky on a summer wind,

Each flicker is a dream taunting reason your eyes carried in the glow.

Casting further away until they can no longer be seen is time to heal,

Ashen fall out cold and gray its desecration falls into the earth below.

Coal black skeleton left to bark ever so fragile when first under light,

Careful against the crumbling our bones fight the drought into muster.

Shattered and dried we creak and moan as to the fountains we shuffle,

What is within your fountain that drives your souls illuminating luster?

Your sustenance is that very thing strive to rekindle that dying ember,

Glowing dim breathe it in breathe it out to resuscitate your fiery spark.

Replenish the flow succulent inspiration rise from the ashes a phoenix,

Feeding your perpetual fire it’s time to prepare the world for your mark.

  • 9 December 2012